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    With epoxy your garage will look beautiful!

EPOXY GARAGE, embellish your Floors !

EPOXY GARAGE, embellish your Floors !

A+ Garage Floor Solutions: Epoxy Flooring

In the past, garage floors did not relate to luxury, style, or beauty. In fact, it was the opposite. It is was usual to find garages that were greasy, full of stains, and unkempt. Nowadays, the tables have turned. Garages are regarded more as a part of the house, rather than a separated area for the car, unwanted items, chemicals and more. Throughout the years, we have found that to incorporate the garage to the overall ambience of the residence is necessary that its floor is in optimal conditions. In Texas Concrete Overlay Solutions, we recommend Epoxy floors. They will not only bring that homey and appealing look of an interior floor but also the functionality and practicality found in garages.


It is easy to transform an old, plain, and ugly garage into a luxurious space to park your vehicle, have a workshop, or to store things and equipment that you might not need at the moment. Choosing a durable epoxy floor coating is probably the most cost-effective decision any homeowner will ever make when it comes to the garage


An epoxy coating is composed of two materials mixed together. The mix is applied to existing concrete slabs that are spread out, left to set and then to cure. Depending on the surface, it may require to apply one base coat, a build coat (which includes any decorative paint chips or aggregates), and then a top coat (could be a colored or transparent sealer). Due to the versatility of epoxy flooring, it creates a seamless industrial appearance that can be adjusted for a more stylish look if desired. Epoxy flooring is slip-resistant, is easy to maintain, and it is safe against impact and stains.


Garage floors are commonly used to be utilitarian, focusing solely on function. Not anymore! Today, you can mix functionality and aesthetics while making your garage floor as beautiful as the rest of your house. Epoxy floor coatings are extremely durable, just as time itself. Want to know more about your epoxy flooring options?

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The flagstone pattern is the ideal for any cracks, but if you choose a square pattern, the craftsman can use epoxy resin to give resistance and permanence. we can not guarantee against future cracking or the recurrence of substrate cracks.

We use a technique and materials that do that to walk on the cap of covering applied with Limecoat is mas sure against the slide.

Concrete, stamped concrete, cool deck, Pea gravel, cool deck, Brick, Pool Coping and Wood.

Pavers and concrete that’s in very bad shape. However, we can repair it, just call us!

If of course, it is twice as resistant as concrete.

Yes. We offer a seven-year (residential) and one and a half (commercial) limited warranty that covers the connection between Limecoat and its underlying surface.

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