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Everything begins at a meeting with our clients. Our priority is to provide our customers with the best options in design, texture, colors and others, so that your home, office, or commercial area get the look you always wanted. For every job, we treat the area with chemicals that allow our materials to adhere to the surface. Due to the nature of our products, the unevenness of the surface does not matter. You can be confident that behind every step of our work, our craftsmen have years of experience in this area that along with a team of collaborators can guarantee an excellent result.

Prior to the color application, we will provide you with a sampling panel that is in accord with your specifications. There is always room for adjustments to ensure complete satisfaction with the final color scheme.

Our craftsmen’s goal is to ensure that your project achieves the most realistic look possible. Each project undergoes a detailed process of texturing by hand, carving, coloring and grouting that highlights and brings together the scenery surrounding it. A zone supervisor is in charge of visiting each project proving support, and guaranteeing that the final result is the best.


A sampling panel will be produced according to your specifications and will be approved before applying the color to your project, ensuring your satisfaction with the final color scheme.

A detailed process of texturing by hand, carving, coloring and grouting will ensure that you achieve the most realistic look possible by drawing the character of the objects, materials, colors and textures of your environment. A zone supervisor will be visiting the project giving support and guaranteeing the final result is the best.


Choosing this company was our best decision, Octavio is a very professional person, now, our house looks beautiful and different.

Robert Davis

¨ I was intrigued how such a realistic large stone pattern was produced without any repetition. It was as if the patio had been carved in place to fit the surroundings. I’d soon find out that’s exactly what was done ¨

Mike CampbellLawyer

I needed to restore my pool deck (this was 15 years old), the result was amazing, it looks new and the design looks like natural stone.

J. Taylor

High Pressure Washing For Your Floors

Saltillo – Cantera – Terracota – Limestone – Granite – Quartz

High Pressure Washing For Your Floors

Saltillo – Cantera – Terracota – Limestone – Granite – Quartz


Restore your damaged garage floor to a clean, durable and beautiful surface, the result will be great. We specialize in concrete surfaces, and the application of epoxy materials. Let’s go! Texas Concrete Overlay Solutions will do all the work to make this part of your home look spectacular.

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If you want a garage floor that is tough, easy to maintain, and long-lasting, then Epoxy floor coating is your best solution. If it’s strong and durable enough for the some areas in airports, it will stand up to the demands of your garage.

* One day installation
* UV stable topcoat that maintains a high glossy finish and doesn’t yellow or fade over time
* Excellent abrasion and impact resistance
* Chemical resistance to oil, gas, engine coolant, salt, and household chemicals
* Textured surface which provides more traction than traditional epoxy coatings
* Waterproof flooring
* Higher heat tolerance than epoxy coatings that resists “hot tire pickup” (where hot tires Can leave permanent markings on a floor)



 Anti-slip surface.
 Cooler surface. (even on the hottest of days).
 Choice of multiple colors.
 Each design is unique
 It is a handmade design, not stamped.
 Twice as strong as concrete.

Great Support

 Customer support 24/7
 14 work teams in the areas of Texas and Arizona.
 11 years of experience in overlay work.


We have a 7-year limited warranty.
To guarantee long lasting results, It is necessary to reseal 3 years after the work is completed. (The cost of the reseal must be covered by the client)


What can you do about cracks?

The flagstone pattern is the ideal for any cracks, but if you choose a square pattern, the craftsman can use epoxy resin to give resistance and permanence. we can not guarantee against future cracking or the recurrence of substrate cracks.

Is it slip-resistant?

We use a technique and materials that do that to walk on the cap of covering applied with Limecoat is mas sure against the slide.

Which surfaces can be covered with Overlay?

Concrete, stamped concrete, cool deck, Pea gravel, cool deck, Brick, Pool Coping and Wood.

Which surfaces can’t cover?

Pavers and concrete that’s in very bad shape. However, we can repair it, just call us!

Can overlay be applied in Driveways?

If of course, it is twice as resistant as concrete.

Texas Concrete Overlay Solutions offers any guarantee?

Yes. We offer a seven-year (residential) and one and a half (commercial) limited warranty that covers the connection between Limecoat and its underlying surface.

LET´S WORK TOGETHER and We design your Dreams!

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